Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lost Prey

The title is self-explanatory. Henry Foster, the man I was basically trying to screw over, had suddenly disappeared. I asked around the workplace, and rumor has it that he moved. No wonder why never stopped by his apartment.

I used to be really shy around people, all because I was home-schooled. People skills were what I truly lacked as a child, among other things. But that was okay. At times, when I did talk to people, they would sometimes call me a freak... Especially when I talked about the Slender Man. No one believed that he was real. Their blind eyes couldn't capture sight of Him. They didn't understand Him, thus they could never understand me.

My third job is at a standstill for now, until I receive orders from the top. I haven't been assigned a new prey to stalk as of yet. But the distribution of my knowledge will continue to grow and I will open the eyes of the world, even when I don't drive someone to the verges of self mutilation, and potentially suicide. I am His child, and I have a job to do.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Second Date

To be honest, I thought it was a complete bore-fest. He took me to some vegetarian place, thinking I'd actually enjoy indulging myself in salad and vegetables. But the ride home went great, like how I planned it.

Right after I left home, I attempted to become an actress while going to a community college. There, I took several animation classes on computer and paper. It was just something I needed to do as a past time. My dreams did involve joining the Disney team in hope to become well-known in the movie world. But as time progressed, the director found that my acting wasn't... "kid friendly". It was at that point where I gave up acting and animation courses completely. I was never good with criticism in my early adult ages.

With faking my knowledge about the city, I purposefully made Mister Handsome take a wrong turn, just to stop at those train tracks. As it passed, my eyes occasionally glanced over at the cars, even though I was turned to the side, acting completely bored. I noticed that he didn't say anything besides his attempt to grab my attention at the sight. I let myself smile, barely, before turning back around, blinking as if I had come out of a trance. The train had passed, and we were on my way to my humble apartment.

This time, I warmly invited him in, hugging him close and planting a kiss upon his cheek. With his sudden tension, I could tell something was already bothering him, because he didn't want to stay over at all. On the inside, I could feel my body become overjoyed, but I managed to give him a concerned look. I offered him medicine and some warm tea inside, but... He went straight to his car and drove off. When he was out of sight, laughter overcame my restraint. It felt hysterical, cynical. I knew I had drawn him closer, even though he scampered off that night. He won't be able to resist coming for more, which I will happily give to him. He is looking forward to it.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm preparing for the second date that Henry and I will be having tomorrow night. The day after our first one, he wasn't too pleased at the fact I wouldn't hug him, nonetheless kiss him.

I always prepare for everything, and I probably will never stop. It's more a mental planning than anything else, but if props are needed, that's when it becomes a bit physical. But that's pointing out the obvious. When I was younger, I was too naive to expect any bad outcomes of situations. I was too much of an optimist. Back then, it was okay, but as I started to grow older and more mature, happiness wasn't everything. There is no happy ending to any story, even if you do have a positive outlook on life.

His grumpy attitude was quite amusing from my perspective, because he had to conceal it from his boss. I know how much he wants that promotion. Mister Attractive asked me on a second date, which I almost didn't expect from his mind-set. A sudden pain in my head and chest would strike me as soon as he asked, and I gave him my immediate answer of, "That would be delightful." Complete with my signature smile. I knew it captivated him.

For the past few nights, I've been heading over to a nearby train station and painting each car. It's costing me valuable time and sleep, however, it's necessary. This is the second step into exposure, requiring a tape measure, paper and constant watch of the train to make sure it doesn't leave early. Time is everything for this specific date, seeing how put so much effort into it. I've created a script and mapped out the exact times of where we will end up. He likes to drive around, so he'll be forced to come to a stop at the train tracks.

I'll be heading out tonight to do some finishing touches. Animation classes came in handy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well, I guess my title is a little misleading. There's a vast difference between tagging and actual pieces.

After I moved into a larger city when I was about eighteen or nineteen, it was then I had a real glimpse at visual and street art. The thought of vandalism never crossed my mind when I laid eyes on each work. To be honest, I didn't really understand what most names said, because I didn't know how to read the pieces. Graffiti script comes in various shapes and sizes, and some are more difficult to read. Took me about a year, to be honest, to fully understand which shaped what. I met up with a few street "thugs", and that is how I became obsessed with the art known as graffiti.

As I was driving around, I noticed an abandoned building. The walls were white and looked almost clean, besides the crumbled areas. I saw a few tags here, a few there, but it was my perfect canvas. I went over there as soon as dark spread throughout the city, clad in my usual wear. I did a few pieces of Slenderman, to start out, readying myself for a much more beautiful work. I even did a variety of silk moths and my name. This wall really was the perfect canvas.

However, I wanted to do something different. Besides being a "minion" to Him, I do have a fondness for other things. Plague doctors always intrigued me while growing up, learning about them in several history classes. Hell, there's even a mythos about "The Plague Doctor" (which I have still yet to read). I sketched out a few pieces in pencil, but figured that wasn't enough to visualize it on a wall. My drawers were never really filled with writing utensils, so I had to go to the nearest store, a god-forsaken Wal-Mart, and buy a few packs of sharpies.

I attempted this Doctor in a multitude of colors, ranging from black to a very vivid hot pink. The different copies were all inked differently, and I even attempted to color some of them in. Black and white was the way to officially go, because it all depends on the color of the wall. My chosen target was, like I mentioned, white, so any array of  colors would fit perfectly on it. But the Doctor had to look more... Ominous.
This was the final piece of what I had created. Within my stash of cans, I managed to find several black and gray, since, of course, the alabaster wasn't needed at this particular time. Several hours were spent just making a massive stencil, even though it was only a 3'x4'. There's the ability to freehand pieces, but there are times when a stencil is needed, if you think about it. Names and simple things would be able to be freehanded, but more complex and detailed items would require stencils. I usually manage to find cardboard and freehand the sketch on there before carefully cutting it out. I can admit that some areas, I didn't find a use for the stencil, thus discarded it back into my car.

All in all, tonight was fun. Law enforcement weren't hanging around the areas I decided to hit up, marking my territory. Although, I did find another alleyway where some imbecile marked over my masterpiece of Him. I will have to find this kid and teach 'em who's boss. Disrespectful children need to be taught a lesson.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Date

I finally gave in and decided to go on a "date" with that goof-ball. He surprisingly has a good taste in food, considering how expensive that restaurant was. Italian food, complete with Italian chefs. We walked somewhere else for some alcoholic beverages, but if you've read his blog, you now know I don't like to drink. It makes me vulnerable.

Dating wasn't one of my "things" that I did when I was a teenager. However, I did sneak out with a guy who lived down the road from the farm, but he ended up moving somewhere out of state. A shame, really. My first alcoholic beverage was a beer, which my father liked to drink. I can't remember the name of it, but I do remember that putrid taste. After that, when I got older, I occasionally went out with my older friends (the few that I had) and taste-tested a few cocktails. Alcohol was never my friend.

He mainly talked about himself, and I barely got a word in about me. Turns out we actually have things in common, which we did happen to discuss, and I hate to admit... But I found it fun. I happened to attempt to suppress my smiles and giggles, giving a more "mysterious" persona. I occasionally would laugh aloud from the goofy things he told me. With a few attempts, he wanted to hold my hand, but I mainly kept them within the pockets of my thin jacket. I could sense that it bothered him. Other then that, we happened to enjoy each other's company, taking turns with telling weird stories from the activities we do.

I wanted Mister Handsome to finally open his eyes to Him. It was time for him to realize that he was now prey. For this to happen, I decided to walk a little faster (then actually started to jog), turning a sharp corner and momentarily hiding whilst his gaze caught onto my works of art. His gaze went from amazed to... Well, a more concerned look, especially laying eyes on Mister Slender at the end of the alley. They locked onto the masterpiece, and I could already tell he was being pulled in by none other. I walked up behind him, giving an excuse of, "I thought I saw my friend," which happened to pull Henry back into reality. With a fake apology, we headed back to my place, and I shook his hand and went inside. I couldn't pull him in yet, the Master hasn't requested it yet.

Now to plan for the next date.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My day life is beginning to mingle into my night life. I've been working overtime, because my manager decided that my vacation was a little too much. Instead of working my normal hours, 7AM-5PM, he thought it would be a grand idea to change them to 6AM-7PM. Thirteen hours can do a lot to someone, especially when they have a boring job such as a secretary.

I've always worked many hours when living on the farm. I was used to getting up at dawn and working until about dusk, minus the snack breaks and meal times. I would help my mom milk cows, help my brother gather eggs... And yes, we didn't have all of that fancy machinery, we did everything by hand. Heh, I even remember the times where I didn't have to work- when my father wanted to go hunting. He took everyone and our two dogs, named Rover and Jessa. Hunting trips were just one of the multitude of activities I used to do on my days off. I sort of miss those days.

But being a secretary isn't too bad. I get paid a lot and paid overtime. It allows me to afford a high-end apartment building, buy the freshest and most delectable foods, and lets me go on vacations overseas. I promise I'm not greedy, because I tend to donate to charities (mainly because I want to give myself somewhat of a good reputation. I can't have people knowing I'm some delinquent).

Mister Foster has been charming towards me as of late. This is becoming an amusing game to me, actually. I also found his blog, thanks to a friend of mine, which has allowed me to anonymously follow it. I want to know what goes through his mind, but, obviously, that can only happen when he posts about it. His recent post put a devious smile upon my lips. It's beginning.

My other Boss hasn't given me orders to advance towards my darling prey. I wait patiently until He commands me to strike. And when I say strike, I mean to conduct my own experiments in order to draw Henry closer. I'm only allowed to leave glimpses of Him and possibly small riddles. I suppose I should tell you my first clue. It does have to do with my night life, and if everything goes as planned, this date I'm arranging with Mister Handsome will open up his eyes to the Master. But first, I might have to find the trouble-makers marking over my masterpieces. They're messing with my territory, and it's time to end their reign. If I'm lucky enough, He will take care of them for me. No one gets in my way of fulfilling His requests.

After the first glimpse, I have to infiltrate Foster's mind, putting thoughts into his head that he will unquestionably dwell on. This will, in turn, cause his thought process to become more vulnerable. He shall become paranoid and seek for the truth to those he trusts the most. Whom will that be? Me, of course.

Then He shall strike.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I haven't had a good vacation in a long time. But it wasn't to anywhere special. I simply went to Reno, Nevada with one of my friends, since she couldn't afford to go to Las Vegas.

I never traveled to bigger cities when I was younger. Hell, I was afraid to go somewhere where the population was larger than five thousand people. I liked the rural areas, because, in all honesty, I didn't like larger areas since they frightened me. I think the largest city I've ever been to when I was younger was Tacoma, Washington. But back then, it wasn't that large of a city. I enjoyed country life. I really did. But things obviously changed when I grew older.

Reno wasn't too bad. It was crowded with strange people. We stayed at the El Dorado, and the rooms were really small. But the gambling was nice, as was the many food areas we ate at. I won a total of $2000 from my gambling in a three day period. Yay for Blackjack, my favorite game. My friend tried the slot machines, but she ended up losing every quarter she had, it was pretty funny.

There was this game area in the Circus Circus, and I met some random guy there. He tried to win me all of these cute little dolls in the mini-game areas, but ended up failing miserably. When I took a shot at them, it was hilarious to see that I had won the prizes he wanted to, and we didn't talk from there on. Embarrassing, yeah?

My body's been aching to go tagging. So many bare walls that cry for some beauty marks, it's really killing me. I know how the police are here, and the fact that it's so crowded... I wouldn't have a chance to make anything too remarkable.

The drive back was utter hell. Most of the interstates we tried to take were blocked off due to flooding.

I wonder how Mister Handsome is doing, too. I don't think he received a break as long as mine, and my replacement was this ugly old broad. I hope he suffered my absence.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Show Time

Work has been hectic as of late, which is really strange considering that I'm a secretary. To be honest, I'm pretty worn out from what just happened, so I'll keep this short.

I've always been a good child. I never really snuck out of the house to meet anyone, plus I was never interested in a relationship.

Yesterday, during my lunch break, Mister Handsome showed up with that big goofy grin of his. I tried my best to ignore him as best as I could, but I couldn't resist staring into his eyes and trying to hide my smile. He has great eyes, and that smile he has just captures what has been melted. This is becoming a weakness.

To try and avoid him in my little game, I moved back to my desk and quietly ate there, putting away my food whenever someone came by. And, you guessed it, he showed back up again. This time, he introduced himself then was bold enough to ask for my name. It kind of made me laugh, but I quickly stopped myself before anything bigger than a smirk grew. I simply pointed at the name tag resting upon my desk. I could see him fluster, which was amusing. I went back to eating. Lunch break was over already, and he had to scurry back to his cubicle. Ha.

These past few nights, I've been making my rounds around the city to make sure some idiot hadn't cover my work with theirs. So far so good, except for the ones I painted of Him. The words "freak" and "loser" were tagged over just those specific pieces, which really angered me. Oh well, I'll just make more.

But tonight, tonight was so exhilarating. A police officer had spot where I was, immediately as I pressed the nozzle on the can. The fat lard immediately called for back up, and I booked it. I wasn't dense enough to discard any clothing items, rather, I had a side bag I had hidden behind a trash can that I snatched up and took with me as I ran. I did remove some items like my mask, gloves and hoodie, replacing them with clothes considered less conspicuous.  I had to slow myself to a walk once I was on the sidewalk, putting on my "poker face" as police drove by. They didn't suspect a thing. And when they were out of sight, I decided to dash home, and here I am.

Time for a bath!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Weekend

My weekend was pretty interesting, even though I didn't do my usual tagging routine. I grabbed a girlfriend, and we went to go see The Hangover: Part 2. About five minutes before the movie started, I had run to the candy shop to buy us a huge bag of assorted sweets for us to munch on. She had to wait for me to buy my ticket, since the box office person required my ID. I hadn't been to the theaters in awhile, so it was a nice get-away from what I'm normally doing. We grabbed a large popcorn and soda to share, since the "Large Combo" get us free refills (we didn't need them). The movie was really interesting, but funny to say the least; I highly recommend it.

I've never really went to the movies when I was younger. I didn't have my own car, plus my family and I were always busy from dawn 'til dusk. There was the occasional times where my brothers went out and took me, but only if the movie was PG-13. I didn't have many friends, seeing how, as I posted earlier, was home-schooled. When I finally saved up for my own vehicle, I would drive to the nearest town or towns and take a tour, enthralled by the things my eyes captured.  I soaked it all in and made the decision to leave the farm as soon as I could; I wanted to live a new life. Horror movies were always captivating to me, as well. Before I was old enough, I would try to sneak into them.

That was Saturday evening. After the movie trip, we hung around the mall, window shopping. I hadn't got my paycheck yet, so my friend was the one buying new outfits. It was fun to try things on, though. When I arrived home, my cat greeted me with a sincere meow, telling me that she was hungry. I hadn't been home in about four hours, so I was generous enough to give her a slight snack. Wouldn't want her to become overweight, now would I? I own a small "private" library of my favorite books. The collection has grown over the years, since I enjoy a good read. I didn't feel like reading anything too spectacular, so I grabbed the seventh Harry Potter book and re-read it. And, if you must know, I do wear reading glasses. Zombie, my cat, cuddled up into my lap. It was a perfect night.

Today rolled around, and I felt absolutely lazy. I took my miniature grocery trip, which can be weekly when I need specific food items, and grabbed a few things to try several new recipes. I honestly love to cook. After a few failed attempts at a casserole, I watched a few minutes of television, then curled on the couch to read three more chapters of Harry Potter. The night is still young, and I plan on tagging a few new places tonight.  I better get ready.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Night Life

Much more exciting than the daytime, I enjoy my nocturnal state. It's like I become a whole new person after the sun slips down the sky, shadowing everything. I become more... Free. The only thing I dislike about it, is that I have to stay concealed in my line of work, making things heated, especially during the summer weather. On the other hand, it's great for burning calories and allows me to take a nice, hot bath when I return to my humble apartment.

My childhood was rough. I started to work on my parents' farm  at the age of six, even though it was just simple things. It started with normal housework chores like helping with the dishes, taking out the trash. Then it converted to cleaning up the stables and the barn, to feeding all of the livestock we owned. I owned horses and raised cattle with my whole family. It was a peaceful life, excluding the strange things I made myself believe in. I would always catch shadows dancing out of the corners of my eyes and get the feeling where someone, something was following me. I used to believe in the "Boogey Monster". I believed in ghosts and extraterrestrial beings, fearing that one of these days, they might kidnap me. I was never afraid of material objects or living things. I learned how to live with such dangers like spiders, snakes, and the like. My fears would fade for a few years, until I began to witness such things once more. My pursuit began.

I tend to not receive any sleep on the evenings where I do my other work. No, it isn't prostitution you sick perverts. I'm a graffiti artist, not one of those hack-job taggers that do a horrendous job at spray-painting their aliases. I take my time with my work, perfecting a piece of art that I want the everyone to talk about the next day.

Silk moths have always been my obsession, I find them so fascinating and beautiful. But it's depressing to know that their cocoons are boiled just to obtain their fine silk. My pieces always involve an elaborate painting of the silk moth, but I alter the colors to the point where others think it's a butterfly. I even find a way to place my initials (SW) into the piece, giving it somewhat of a copyright. Plus, I don't want anyone messing with my territory.

Besides my fondness of such beautiful creatures, I paint pieces meaningful to me - such as mythos I believe in, things I follow upon, my hobbies and after-work activities. I spray paint things that are beautiful, even though others might find them strange or grotesque. Another thing I enjoy about this sport is that it gives me a good adrenaline rush as I dash behind buildings, through alleyways, and even jump over obstacles most people wouldn't have the strength to do. It's my perfect workout, and when I have finished my run, that relaxing bath awaits my arrival before I head off to sleep.

I encountered that devilishly handsome man again, except in the elevator. My fingers would trace along the skin of my neck as we stood there for those brief moments, awaiting our departures. I purposefully made sure that he noticed which floor I get off at. But, I've also decided that I'm not going to go after him just yet. He doesn't seem like the type to go for girls who go after him, more so he'd rather follow those that give him the cold shoulder... Those whom are distant towards him. "Hard to get" I believe is the name of the game. It's time to play.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Life

A boring day to add to my already dull life. Well, I shouldn't call it dull... Only my day life is. I suppose I over-exaggerate on simplistic things.

I'm Madalin Whitfield: a high-paid secretary working for some big league CEO in Oregon. I think it's only because of my sweet and innocent looks that get me where I am today. I grew up in the middle class, hell, even lower. I worked on farmlands with my two brothers. I knew how to drive tractors at thirteen. I could work all of the equipment by the time I was fifteen. My family's income wasn't the greatest, even when our crops would produce more than usual, allowing us to sell about three percent more than normal. I was also home-schooled, but that allowed me to graduate around sixteen/seventeen. One thing I did do, however, was save up whatever I made all of my life. I took on several jobs, after I was excused from crop work. I moved out by the time I was eighteen, to a more populated area. That's where my opportunities would flourish.

There, now whomever is following now knows my childhood. Be grateful, I suppose, but I've only scratched the surface of what you are about to discover.

A few days ago, my eyes had caught this devilishly handsome man. He was either new or received a new job in another department of this looming infrastructure. We made eye contact several times, and I found myself swooning. I'm not the type to do so in front of a complete stranger, but there was something about him I couldn't put my finger on. He seemed like the fun, out-going type, and I wanted to get closer. My fingers kept brushing my short hair away from my face, averting my gaze until I felt his leave mine. Then they would involuntarily touch my neck, the collar of my blouse. This was a bizarre feeling.

Little did he know, even though I didn't want it to be my priority, he is my prey.