Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My day life is beginning to mingle into my night life. I've been working overtime, because my manager decided that my vacation was a little too much. Instead of working my normal hours, 7AM-5PM, he thought it would be a grand idea to change them to 6AM-7PM. Thirteen hours can do a lot to someone, especially when they have a boring job such as a secretary.

I've always worked many hours when living on the farm. I was used to getting up at dawn and working until about dusk, minus the snack breaks and meal times. I would help my mom milk cows, help my brother gather eggs... And yes, we didn't have all of that fancy machinery, we did everything by hand. Heh, I even remember the times where I didn't have to work- when my father wanted to go hunting. He took everyone and our two dogs, named Rover and Jessa. Hunting trips were just one of the multitude of activities I used to do on my days off. I sort of miss those days.

But being a secretary isn't too bad. I get paid a lot and paid overtime. It allows me to afford a high-end apartment building, buy the freshest and most delectable foods, and lets me go on vacations overseas. I promise I'm not greedy, because I tend to donate to charities (mainly because I want to give myself somewhat of a good reputation. I can't have people knowing I'm some delinquent).

Mister Foster has been charming towards me as of late. This is becoming an amusing game to me, actually. I also found his blog, thanks to a friend of mine, which has allowed me to anonymously follow it. I want to know what goes through his mind, but, obviously, that can only happen when he posts about it. His recent post put a devious smile upon my lips. It's beginning.

My other Boss hasn't given me orders to advance towards my darling prey. I wait patiently until He commands me to strike. And when I say strike, I mean to conduct my own experiments in order to draw Henry closer. I'm only allowed to leave glimpses of Him and possibly small riddles. I suppose I should tell you my first clue. It does have to do with my night life, and if everything goes as planned, this date I'm arranging with Mister Handsome will open up his eyes to the Master. But first, I might have to find the trouble-makers marking over my masterpieces. They're messing with my territory, and it's time to end their reign. If I'm lucky enough, He will take care of them for me. No one gets in my way of fulfilling His requests.

After the first glimpse, I have to infiltrate Foster's mind, putting thoughts into his head that he will unquestionably dwell on. This will, in turn, cause his thought process to become more vulnerable. He shall become paranoid and seek for the truth to those he trusts the most. Whom will that be? Me, of course.

Then He shall strike.

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