Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm preparing for the second date that Henry and I will be having tomorrow night. The day after our first one, he wasn't too pleased at the fact I wouldn't hug him, nonetheless kiss him.

I always prepare for everything, and I probably will never stop. It's more a mental planning than anything else, but if props are needed, that's when it becomes a bit physical. But that's pointing out the obvious. When I was younger, I was too naive to expect any bad outcomes of situations. I was too much of an optimist. Back then, it was okay, but as I started to grow older and more mature, happiness wasn't everything. There is no happy ending to any story, even if you do have a positive outlook on life.

His grumpy attitude was quite amusing from my perspective, because he had to conceal it from his boss. I know how much he wants that promotion. Mister Attractive asked me on a second date, which I almost didn't expect from his mind-set. A sudden pain in my head and chest would strike me as soon as he asked, and I gave him my immediate answer of, "That would be delightful." Complete with my signature smile. I knew it captivated him.

For the past few nights, I've been heading over to a nearby train station and painting each car. It's costing me valuable time and sleep, however, it's necessary. This is the second step into exposure, requiring a tape measure, paper and constant watch of the train to make sure it doesn't leave early. Time is everything for this specific date, seeing how put so much effort into it. I've created a script and mapped out the exact times of where we will end up. He likes to drive around, so he'll be forced to come to a stop at the train tracks.

I'll be heading out tonight to do some finishing touches. Animation classes came in handy.

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