Sunday, June 12, 2011


I haven't had a good vacation in a long time. But it wasn't to anywhere special. I simply went to Reno, Nevada with one of my friends, since she couldn't afford to go to Las Vegas.

I never traveled to bigger cities when I was younger. Hell, I was afraid to go somewhere where the population was larger than five thousand people. I liked the rural areas, because, in all honesty, I didn't like larger areas since they frightened me. I think the largest city I've ever been to when I was younger was Tacoma, Washington. But back then, it wasn't that large of a city. I enjoyed country life. I really did. But things obviously changed when I grew older.

Reno wasn't too bad. It was crowded with strange people. We stayed at the El Dorado, and the rooms were really small. But the gambling was nice, as was the many food areas we ate at. I won a total of $2000 from my gambling in a three day period. Yay for Blackjack, my favorite game. My friend tried the slot machines, but she ended up losing every quarter she had, it was pretty funny.

There was this game area in the Circus Circus, and I met some random guy there. He tried to win me all of these cute little dolls in the mini-game areas, but ended up failing miserably. When I took a shot at them, it was hilarious to see that I had won the prizes he wanted to, and we didn't talk from there on. Embarrassing, yeah?

My body's been aching to go tagging. So many bare walls that cry for some beauty marks, it's really killing me. I know how the police are here, and the fact that it's so crowded... I wouldn't have a chance to make anything too remarkable.

The drive back was utter hell. Most of the interstates we tried to take were blocked off due to flooding.

I wonder how Mister Handsome is doing, too. I don't think he received a break as long as mine, and my replacement was this ugly old broad. I hope he suffered my absence.

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