Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lost Prey

The title is self-explanatory. Henry Foster, the man I was basically trying to screw over, had suddenly disappeared. I asked around the workplace, and rumor has it that he moved. No wonder why never stopped by his apartment.

I used to be really shy around people, all because I was home-schooled. People skills were what I truly lacked as a child, among other things. But that was okay. At times, when I did talk to people, they would sometimes call me a freak... Especially when I talked about the Slender Man. No one believed that he was real. Their blind eyes couldn't capture sight of Him. They didn't understand Him, thus they could never understand me.

My third job is at a standstill for now, until I receive orders from the top. I haven't been assigned a new prey to stalk as of yet. But the distribution of my knowledge will continue to grow and I will open the eyes of the world, even when I don't drive someone to the verges of self mutilation, and potentially suicide. I am His child, and I have a job to do.

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