Monday, June 27, 2011

Second Date

To be honest, I thought it was a complete bore-fest. He took me to some vegetarian place, thinking I'd actually enjoy indulging myself in salad and vegetables. But the ride home went great, like how I planned it.

Right after I left home, I attempted to become an actress while going to a community college. There, I took several animation classes on computer and paper. It was just something I needed to do as a past time. My dreams did involve joining the Disney team in hope to become well-known in the movie world. But as time progressed, the director found that my acting wasn't... "kid friendly". It was at that point where I gave up acting and animation courses completely. I was never good with criticism in my early adult ages.

With faking my knowledge about the city, I purposefully made Mister Handsome take a wrong turn, just to stop at those train tracks. As it passed, my eyes occasionally glanced over at the cars, even though I was turned to the side, acting completely bored. I noticed that he didn't say anything besides his attempt to grab my attention at the sight. I let myself smile, barely, before turning back around, blinking as if I had come out of a trance. The train had passed, and we were on my way to my humble apartment.

This time, I warmly invited him in, hugging him close and planting a kiss upon his cheek. With his sudden tension, I could tell something was already bothering him, because he didn't want to stay over at all. On the inside, I could feel my body become overjoyed, but I managed to give him a concerned look. I offered him medicine and some warm tea inside, but... He went straight to his car and drove off. When he was out of sight, laughter overcame my restraint. It felt hysterical, cynical. I knew I had drawn him closer, even though he scampered off that night. He won't be able to resist coming for more, which I will happily give to him. He is looking forward to it.

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