Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Date

I finally gave in and decided to go on a "date" with that goof-ball. He surprisingly has a good taste in food, considering how expensive that restaurant was. Italian food, complete with Italian chefs. We walked somewhere else for some alcoholic beverages, but if you've read his blog, you now know I don't like to drink. It makes me vulnerable.

Dating wasn't one of my "things" that I did when I was a teenager. However, I did sneak out with a guy who lived down the road from the farm, but he ended up moving somewhere out of state. A shame, really. My first alcoholic beverage was a beer, which my father liked to drink. I can't remember the name of it, but I do remember that putrid taste. After that, when I got older, I occasionally went out with my older friends (the few that I had) and taste-tested a few cocktails. Alcohol was never my friend.

He mainly talked about himself, and I barely got a word in about me. Turns out we actually have things in common, which we did happen to discuss, and I hate to admit... But I found it fun. I happened to attempt to suppress my smiles and giggles, giving a more "mysterious" persona. I occasionally would laugh aloud from the goofy things he told me. With a few attempts, he wanted to hold my hand, but I mainly kept them within the pockets of my thin jacket. I could sense that it bothered him. Other then that, we happened to enjoy each other's company, taking turns with telling weird stories from the activities we do.

I wanted Mister Handsome to finally open his eyes to Him. It was time for him to realize that he was now prey. For this to happen, I decided to walk a little faster (then actually started to jog), turning a sharp corner and momentarily hiding whilst his gaze caught onto my works of art. His gaze went from amazed to... Well, a more concerned look, especially laying eyes on Mister Slender at the end of the alley. They locked onto the masterpiece, and I could already tell he was being pulled in by none other. I walked up behind him, giving an excuse of, "I thought I saw my friend," which happened to pull Henry back into reality. With a fake apology, we headed back to my place, and I shook his hand and went inside. I couldn't pull him in yet, the Master hasn't requested it yet.

Now to plan for the next date.

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