Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Show Time

Work has been hectic as of late, which is really strange considering that I'm a secretary. To be honest, I'm pretty worn out from what just happened, so I'll keep this short.

I've always been a good child. I never really snuck out of the house to meet anyone, plus I was never interested in a relationship.

Yesterday, during my lunch break, Mister Handsome showed up with that big goofy grin of his. I tried my best to ignore him as best as I could, but I couldn't resist staring into his eyes and trying to hide my smile. He has great eyes, and that smile he has just captures what has been melted. This is becoming a weakness.

To try and avoid him in my little game, I moved back to my desk and quietly ate there, putting away my food whenever someone came by. And, you guessed it, he showed back up again. This time, he introduced himself then was bold enough to ask for my name. It kind of made me laugh, but I quickly stopped myself before anything bigger than a smirk grew. I simply pointed at the name tag resting upon my desk. I could see him fluster, which was amusing. I went back to eating. Lunch break was over already, and he had to scurry back to his cubicle. Ha.

These past few nights, I've been making my rounds around the city to make sure some idiot hadn't cover my work with theirs. So far so good, except for the ones I painted of Him. The words "freak" and "loser" were tagged over just those specific pieces, which really angered me. Oh well, I'll just make more.

But tonight, tonight was so exhilarating. A police officer had spot where I was, immediately as I pressed the nozzle on the can. The fat lard immediately called for back up, and I booked it. I wasn't dense enough to discard any clothing items, rather, I had a side bag I had hidden behind a trash can that I snatched up and took with me as I ran. I did remove some items like my mask, gloves and hoodie, replacing them with clothes considered less conspicuous.  I had to slow myself to a walk once I was on the sidewalk, putting on my "poker face" as police drove by. They didn't suspect a thing. And when they were out of sight, I decided to dash home, and here I am.

Time for a bath!

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  1. I'm not so sure about the loser part, but if 'Him' is who I think he is, then 'freak' is a huge understatement.