Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Weekend

My weekend was pretty interesting, even though I didn't do my usual tagging routine. I grabbed a girlfriend, and we went to go see The Hangover: Part 2. About five minutes before the movie started, I had run to the candy shop to buy us a huge bag of assorted sweets for us to munch on. She had to wait for me to buy my ticket, since the box office person required my ID. I hadn't been to the theaters in awhile, so it was a nice get-away from what I'm normally doing. We grabbed a large popcorn and soda to share, since the "Large Combo" get us free refills (we didn't need them). The movie was really interesting, but funny to say the least; I highly recommend it.

I've never really went to the movies when I was younger. I didn't have my own car, plus my family and I were always busy from dawn 'til dusk. There was the occasional times where my brothers went out and took me, but only if the movie was PG-13. I didn't have many friends, seeing how, as I posted earlier, was home-schooled. When I finally saved up for my own vehicle, I would drive to the nearest town or towns and take a tour, enthralled by the things my eyes captured.  I soaked it all in and made the decision to leave the farm as soon as I could; I wanted to live a new life. Horror movies were always captivating to me, as well. Before I was old enough, I would try to sneak into them.

That was Saturday evening. After the movie trip, we hung around the mall, window shopping. I hadn't got my paycheck yet, so my friend was the one buying new outfits. It was fun to try things on, though. When I arrived home, my cat greeted me with a sincere meow, telling me that she was hungry. I hadn't been home in about four hours, so I was generous enough to give her a slight snack. Wouldn't want her to become overweight, now would I? I own a small "private" library of my favorite books. The collection has grown over the years, since I enjoy a good read. I didn't feel like reading anything too spectacular, so I grabbed the seventh Harry Potter book and re-read it. And, if you must know, I do wear reading glasses. Zombie, my cat, cuddled up into my lap. It was a perfect night.

Today rolled around, and I felt absolutely lazy. I took my miniature grocery trip, which can be weekly when I need specific food items, and grabbed a few things to try several new recipes. I honestly love to cook. After a few failed attempts at a casserole, I watched a few minutes of television, then curled on the couch to read three more chapters of Harry Potter. The night is still young, and I plan on tagging a few new places tonight.  I better get ready.

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