Saturday, June 4, 2011

Night Life

Much more exciting than the daytime, I enjoy my nocturnal state. It's like I become a whole new person after the sun slips down the sky, shadowing everything. I become more... Free. The only thing I dislike about it, is that I have to stay concealed in my line of work, making things heated, especially during the summer weather. On the other hand, it's great for burning calories and allows me to take a nice, hot bath when I return to my humble apartment.

My childhood was rough. I started to work on my parents' farm  at the age of six, even though it was just simple things. It started with normal housework chores like helping with the dishes, taking out the trash. Then it converted to cleaning up the stables and the barn, to feeding all of the livestock we owned. I owned horses and raised cattle with my whole family. It was a peaceful life, excluding the strange things I made myself believe in. I would always catch shadows dancing out of the corners of my eyes and get the feeling where someone, something was following me. I used to believe in the "Boogey Monster". I believed in ghosts and extraterrestrial beings, fearing that one of these days, they might kidnap me. I was never afraid of material objects or living things. I learned how to live with such dangers like spiders, snakes, and the like. My fears would fade for a few years, until I began to witness such things once more. My pursuit began.

I tend to not receive any sleep on the evenings where I do my other work. No, it isn't prostitution you sick perverts. I'm a graffiti artist, not one of those hack-job taggers that do a horrendous job at spray-painting their aliases. I take my time with my work, perfecting a piece of art that I want the everyone to talk about the next day.

Silk moths have always been my obsession, I find them so fascinating and beautiful. But it's depressing to know that their cocoons are boiled just to obtain their fine silk. My pieces always involve an elaborate painting of the silk moth, but I alter the colors to the point where others think it's a butterfly. I even find a way to place my initials (SW) into the piece, giving it somewhat of a copyright. Plus, I don't want anyone messing with my territory.

Besides my fondness of such beautiful creatures, I paint pieces meaningful to me - such as mythos I believe in, things I follow upon, my hobbies and after-work activities. I spray paint things that are beautiful, even though others might find them strange or grotesque. Another thing I enjoy about this sport is that it gives me a good adrenaline rush as I dash behind buildings, through alleyways, and even jump over obstacles most people wouldn't have the strength to do. It's my perfect workout, and when I have finished my run, that relaxing bath awaits my arrival before I head off to sleep.

I encountered that devilishly handsome man again, except in the elevator. My fingers would trace along the skin of my neck as we stood there for those brief moments, awaiting our departures. I purposefully made sure that he noticed which floor I get off at. But, I've also decided that I'm not going to go after him just yet. He doesn't seem like the type to go for girls who go after him, more so he'd rather follow those that give him the cold shoulder... Those whom are distant towards him. "Hard to get" I believe is the name of the game. It's time to play.