Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Stroll in the Park

Mason took me out on a date, just as I planned.

Oh boy, back to the dating subject.

I met up with him at a local park just past noon. He looked rather well in civilian clothing, I have to say. And somehow, he knew just the right thing to bring: A bouquet of lilies. My favorite flower.

I tried my best to, well, look my best. I didn't want to dress in something considered as "business-casual", but that seems like the only thing I really own besides my night-time clothes. I managed to dig out a pair of capris, a brightly colored v-neck shirt, and a pair of matching flats. I took the time to wear proper jewelry (i.e. bracelets, a necklace, anklet...), and I even managed to wear minimal make-up. I wanted him to get a good look at this pretty face. And since my hair has grown out, I only pulled my bangs back.

The trip to the restaurant was a nice walk, after an hour stroll through the park. He took me to an oriental restaurant, paid for my meal. We went to a crepe shoppe for dessert. Ugh, this man is already trying to win my heart.

Nearly the whole time, he was asking me about my artwork, how I became a criminal... Y'know, cop-like questions. To be honest, I felt like I was being interrogated, but I was honest with my answers. He was interested in what I had to say, hinting that he secretly hated his job. Oh the vulnerability. Maybe I'm just assuming. We'll see.

The date went surprisingly well. I was somehow intrigued in the things he had to say, but I wouldn't let that distract me from my work. Nearly the whole time, I was contemplating ways to draw him closer. He wasn't a nasty dog like Henry, thus this might prove to be more difficult. That, and he's part of the law enforcement. I have to play my cards correctly, or this could end up deadly to me.

I can't risk getting arrested.

But seeing how he's attracted to my artwork, I might be able to get off the hook. He might let my law-breaking slide. I really hope so.

He hasn't sent any subliminal messages since the date. I'm curious on what He has planned for me, for what I am to do with my victim.

Gallows, what is this fun that you speak of?

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  1. Chaos. :)
    I like to kill people, it makes me happy. What makes you happy, Silkie? ;)