Monday, August 29, 2011


I almost got arrested last night.

My childhood, early and late teenage years consisted of absolute innocence. I never thought twice about performing a crime. I knew I'd get knee-deep in shit trouble if I ever did. My family was strict like that. My first act of vandalism, however, was when I turned nineteen; still fresh out of the nest. I met up with a bunch of people that attended my college, and I had the night of my life. I remember throwing up from how much adrenaline coursed through my veins. I never felt so alive. I almost got caught by the police that time, too, but I was a rookie back then.

I hadn't been paying attention when I was working on my piece. I was sending out another message from Him. It had been a few days since my last delivery.

As I was saying, the man caught me off guard. Even though my body's senses were busy focusing on every aspect of my night shift, I had heard the subtle footsteps of someone trying to sneak up on me. I also felt something like needles prickling the back of my neck. He was telling me that I was in danger. My head quickly snapped to the side, catching a full view of this stunning male coming straight towards me. Instinct pulled my body along with my feet, and I dashed towards the nearest alley, opposite from where my car was parked.

I had forgotten that my silk moth piece was placed there, immediately giving away who I was. That didn't concern me at the time being. I was trying my hardest to sprint away from him, ready to jump the nearing fence, but he was faster than I originally assumed. I was tackled.

Somehow my gas mask tumbled off my face as we rolled and skid across the ground, and the officer seemed shocked by my appearance. There was a sudden pain in my head.

A new victim.

I could feel myself pushing him away, but he got up anyway. I soon followed, scrambling up to my feet, eyeing the taser that was grasped in his hand. I was going to attempt to run again, but he seemed distracted suddenly, at my mural. I took the chance and bolted the way I had originally came from, heading towards my car. It was another typical, cliche alleyway with the tall fence and trashcans lined against it. I used them to my advantage to gain leverage as I hopped the barbed fence. I was safe.

I need to get close.

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  1. i hear and i obey.
    i am here i am with you

    you will know me
    you will seeme soon