Monday, October 17, 2011

My Absence

I wasn't supposed to leave for over a month, and thus I should apologize.

Whenever I was leaving on a trip, I was sure to tell almost everyone I knew, or at least one person that would tell everyone else that I was going to be away. Times have changed, I can definitely assure all of you.

To be honest, I don't know exactly what happened to cause my sudden disappearance. I didn't feel the need to keep updating what's been happening in my life. But then again, I don't remember what's happened in the past month. The policeman and I are together in a relationship, it seems. When did this happen?

 He calls me constantly. I've gone through the phone calls on my phone, and it's always him. I suppose we've been on several dates because just this morning, I woke up to him next to me.He's become immensely fond of me, clingy almost. I've been doing my job correctly.

I've noticed a trend. Whenever He appears longer than several hours, endlessly stalking me, it seems as though I begin to lose track of time and even experience memory loss. But to be around that long to make me forget an entire month? I'm sure He has other things to do. I'm not His most prized possession, merely a pawn, but I don't need to repeat that.

I guess I also haven't been tagging lately, either. My amount of paint cans haven't dwindled nor increased, and my stencils haven't been touched, gathering dust in the pits of my closet. My black clothes are neatly folded in my drawer and my boots laid to rest underneath my bed. Mason still has my gas mask, which I should obtain from him some time. What have I been doing?

I got a promotion, too. I no longer work as a secretary of the second floor, but rather the very tip of the building: the man who owns the company. Every time I get my paycheck, I can't believe how I've obtained such a position, but I'm not complaining. I live in pretty good standards, but receiving more income has allowed more doors to open up to my advantage.

To Gallows:
I'm sorry I haven't responded, but I don't know what truly makes me happy.

To Victor:
I haven't heard from you in awhile, I kind of miss you

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Stroll in the Park

Mason took me out on a date, just as I planned.

Oh boy, back to the dating subject.

I met up with him at a local park just past noon. He looked rather well in civilian clothing, I have to say. And somehow, he knew just the right thing to bring: A bouquet of lilies. My favorite flower.

I tried my best to, well, look my best. I didn't want to dress in something considered as "business-casual", but that seems like the only thing I really own besides my night-time clothes. I managed to dig out a pair of capris, a brightly colored v-neck shirt, and a pair of matching flats. I took the time to wear proper jewelry (i.e. bracelets, a necklace, anklet...), and I even managed to wear minimal make-up. I wanted him to get a good look at this pretty face. And since my hair has grown out, I only pulled my bangs back.

The trip to the restaurant was a nice walk, after an hour stroll through the park. He took me to an oriental restaurant, paid for my meal. We went to a crepe shoppe for dessert. Ugh, this man is already trying to win my heart.

Nearly the whole time, he was asking me about my artwork, how I became a criminal... Y'know, cop-like questions. To be honest, I felt like I was being interrogated, but I was honest with my answers. He was interested in what I had to say, hinting that he secretly hated his job. Oh the vulnerability. Maybe I'm just assuming. We'll see.

The date went surprisingly well. I was somehow intrigued in the things he had to say, but I wouldn't let that distract me from my work. Nearly the whole time, I was contemplating ways to draw him closer. He wasn't a nasty dog like Henry, thus this might prove to be more difficult. That, and he's part of the law enforcement. I have to play my cards correctly, or this could end up deadly to me.

I can't risk getting arrested.

But seeing how he's attracted to my artwork, I might be able to get off the hook. He might let my law-breaking slide. I really hope so.

He hasn't sent any subliminal messages since the date. I'm curious on what He has planned for me, for what I am to do with my victim.

Gallows, what is this fun that you speak of?

Friday, September 2, 2011

"And she had left behind a glass slipper..."

That was intentional.

It's not like I had a love interest or anything growing up. I was just never really concerned about that kind of stuff. But I believe I already went over this.

Last night, I went out tagging again. I chose a more secluded area, but somewhere that was still "well-known" for being vandalized. He told me that the policeman from the other day was going to show up. I had to follow His judgement and wait it out.

To be honest, I did get really bored for the first two hours, blankly sketching a few pieces so I could get an idea on what I wanted to finish, to show off. He didn't show up. Between the time from when I arrived until this officer arrived, I had run about, buying more paint cans and even a few snacks to keep me replenished. Upon my second arrival, I decided to conclude my Business Man piece, assuming you know what I mean when I say that.

I had just completed His entire frame, adding my signature "SW" at the bottom when the man finally arrived, grasping his usual equipment.

I forgot to mention, I didn't wear a mask this time since he snatched it up last time. I merely had a bandanna covering the bottom half of my face, starting from the nose. It also had the "SW" painted on.

The policeman was holding onto my gas mask. That made my blood boiled, hating how his filthy palms were dirtying my lovely mask. I want to destroy him for even touching it. But I managed to smile underneath my concealed face, setting down the can that was in my grasp.

"I noticed that you took fancy in my mural, last time we met!" I called out to him, arms crossing and my body leaning back against the wall.

Long story short, his reactions were cute, predictable. Judging from what I took note of from our previous meeting, he took a fancy for art. I pinpointed my verbal attacks towards that, making it so that maybe we could meet again, minus the police badge and handcuffs. He was right. This man is the perfect victim, the perfect sacrifice.

So, I guess it's a date.

Oh, and look what I found:

Looks like his name is Mason. A cute name. I need to get closer.

In other news, some freaks named Gallows and Victor have been commenting on my stuff. I'm going to investigate further on what they really want.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

In response-

we have such sightss to show you.
do not be afraid silky
Victor hast come to protect thee
to guide thee

do you love?
I don't think I've ever experienced something like this.

Well, hello Victor. Afraid? Me? Ha, you're cute. Protect me? Well, I don't think I need to be protected, but I guess a new comrade wouldn't be so bad. Socializing really isn't in my best interest, but I suppose I can try something new.

Love? Love what? Whom? You need to elaborate for me, deary. I'm interested.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i hear and i obey.
i am here i am with you

you will know me
you will seeme soon


Riddles were ridiculous to me, but I always wanted to figure them out when I was younger.

That was in my comments of last night's post. I wonder...

Monday, August 29, 2011


I almost got arrested last night.

My childhood, early and late teenage years consisted of absolute innocence. I never thought twice about performing a crime. I knew I'd get knee-deep in shit trouble if I ever did. My family was strict like that. My first act of vandalism, however, was when I turned nineteen; still fresh out of the nest. I met up with a bunch of people that attended my college, and I had the night of my life. I remember throwing up from how much adrenaline coursed through my veins. I never felt so alive. I almost got caught by the police that time, too, but I was a rookie back then.

I hadn't been paying attention when I was working on my piece. I was sending out another message from Him. It had been a few days since my last delivery.

As I was saying, the man caught me off guard. Even though my body's senses were busy focusing on every aspect of my night shift, I had heard the subtle footsteps of someone trying to sneak up on me. I also felt something like needles prickling the back of my neck. He was telling me that I was in danger. My head quickly snapped to the side, catching a full view of this stunning male coming straight towards me. Instinct pulled my body along with my feet, and I dashed towards the nearest alley, opposite from where my car was parked.

I had forgotten that my silk moth piece was placed there, immediately giving away who I was. That didn't concern me at the time being. I was trying my hardest to sprint away from him, ready to jump the nearing fence, but he was faster than I originally assumed. I was tackled.

Somehow my gas mask tumbled off my face as we rolled and skid across the ground, and the officer seemed shocked by my appearance. There was a sudden pain in my head.

A new victim.

I could feel myself pushing him away, but he got up anyway. I soon followed, scrambling up to my feet, eyeing the taser that was grasped in his hand. I was going to attempt to run again, but he seemed distracted suddenly, at my mural. I took the chance and bolted the way I had originally came from, heading towards my car. It was another typical, cliche alleyway with the tall fence and trashcans lined against it. I used them to my advantage to gain leverage as I hopped the barbed fence. I was safe.

I need to get close.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's been awhile.

I've been hunting. Searching.

I don't like to be on the move much; I'd rather stay in one place for awhile. Moving place to place never really tickled my fancy.

After Henry disappeared, I've been hunting for a new prey. Casually observing every being that passes me, comes into contact with me. No one seems like a worthy opponent to me. They're all too oblivious to what's really around them... Who's really around them. They're all the same.

I need someone different. Someone who legitimately stands out from the crowd. Someone to tear down and capture in my web of lies. I need a new prey.

My work life has been ultimately boring. Rumors passed around for a few weeks throughout my co-workers, saying that I was the reason Henry left; that it was a bad break-up; that maybe I'm just some psycho bitch. Each time I would overhear, I quietly chuckled to myself, shaking my head at the sad bastards who think this workplace is high school all over again.

I was, in fact, the reason why Henry left. Maybe I am some psycho bitch. I honestly don't care. He has given me a job, an opportunity to show the world how important my presence is. To show Him that I'm a worthy opponent, a loyal pawn in His plans.

What are His plans? That's something for you to find out.